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Quality Maternal Newborn Research Alliance立ち上げ




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Dear Maternal & Newborn Care Researcher:

You are receiving this email because of your past expression of interest in the establishment of a research alliance on quality maternal and newborn care in follow up to the 2014 Lancet Series on Midwifery (https://qmnc.org) and subsequent identification of research priorities in collaboration with the World Health organization.

Over the past year we received a grant from the Transforming Birth Fund to assist us with strategic planning and development of a website platform to assist global researchers and stakeholders in collaboration to address our research priorities.

Our VISION is:

A world in which equitable and quality maternal and newborn care for all is advanced through the promotion, conduct, and translation of research that underpins optimal quality maternal and newborn care and that examines the integral role of midwifery.


To collaborate in global research that promotes, generates, and translates knowledge, particularly of the integral role of midwifery, in order for women, childbearing people, and all childbearing families to survive, thrive, and transform lives.

Our research priorities are:

INVESTIGATE the impact of quality maternal and newborn care and in particular the contribution of midwifery, on maternal, newborn, and related outcomes across diverse settings.
IDENTIFY and describe aspects of care that optimize or disturb physiology for all childbearing people and their fetus/newborn/infant.
DETERMINE which indicators, measures, and benchmarks are most valuable in assessing quality maternal and newborn care across settings, including the views of those who bear children; and develop new ones to address identified gaps.
If you are interested in joining the alliance, please complete an application form at the following link. (https://www.qmnc.org/qmnc-research-alli…/about-qmnc-members/). Once you receive notice of registration you can choose work groups to join to interact with others in the alliance. Note that we have added a work group on Covid-19 to assist in global connection and collaboration in dealing with the pandemic.

We hope you will join us in this effort. We will be planning several upcoming webinars to orient members to the website.

All the best,

Holly Powell Kennedy and the QMNC Research Alliance Interim Steering Committee.